The lure of a Coffee House... Part 2The decor of any Coffee House is really up to the owner. Today a more common theme is to incorporate a more a reclaimed – industrial urban look. While others prefer to constantly evolve with different colors and styles. They key is to be inviting and appealing all while being efficient for both your guest and staff.


The Menu is one of the most important items you will need when beginning or re-inventing your design. A Coffee House and Cafe, for example, will offer a variety of food in an attempt to maximize appeal and profits. They require additional storage and prep space. Also if you’re planning to open in a smaller town, I highly recommend this concept and menu to appeal to a broader c...

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In this tutorial Andrej Godina show us how to clean the filter and portafilter of a coffee machine. Few minutes to grant a perfect cup of coffee.
The espresso machine can be defined as a “pot” in which the espresso is formed, a place where, when cooking is finished, food residues deposit: no one would dream of cooking in a dirty pot! Need supplies to clean and maintain your equipment? Shop here.


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