Coffee House Machines

How do I decide upon the right Espresso Machine for my Coffee House (over 20 seats)

1. What Brand? - We are often asked what brand we recommend?  We work with most brands and all offer quality machines.  The answer lies in what you want and most importantly need.

2. What do I need?

 - How many 'groups' will you need?  While most locations wll do just fine with a 2 group, there are advantages to a 3 or even 4 group machine.  More groups offer more espresso shots in a more time efficient (fast) manner.  

- Will I need a Manual/Semi Automatic of Volumetric/Automatic machine?  A Manual/Semi Automatic machine means that you must remain in fron of the machine to 'time' the shot you are pulling.  A Volumetric/Automatic machine is equiped with a 'flowmeter' that will measure the volume of the shots you are pulling and will stop once the desired shot is pulled.  This in most cases allows you to steam and make multiple drinks while you are pulling shots. 

- How many steam wands will you need?  At a minimum 2.  Remember in the Us, people love their Latte's and Latte's require steam.

- Will I need Auto Steam?  Auto Steam is a special feature that will in most cases froth and steam your milk to a desired temp and stop once the temp is reached.  This is a great feature if you want to maintain consistency of temperature of milk and to allow the Barista the ability to multitask.

3. Budget - A realistic starting point for a quality 2 group espresso machine is $5000 - $12,000.

4. Water Filtration - We HIGHLY recommend you invest in a quality water filtration system.  

5. Who will service it? - It will require periodic service, just like your car.  Be sure to locate a local or regionally certified service provider.