Coffee shop or Restaurant

"I'm looking for an espresso machine for my coffee shop (less then 20 seats) or restaurant"

Considerations when looking to get an espresso machine for your Coffee Shop or Restaurant

1. Budget - What is your realistic budget.  We are often asked by those looking to open a Coffee Shop or to add an espresso machine to the Restaurant, if we have a good quality espresso machine for an unrealistic price. We suggest that you read further to help you establish a realistic budget.

2. 1 'group' or 2 'group'? - Traditional espresso machines come with 'group heads'.  For smaller coffee shops just starting out and restaurants, we suggest looking into a quality 1 'group' espresso machine.  Keep in mind that you will also need an espresso grinder, unless you plan to use pods.  1 'groups' also offer you in most cases a 110 volt (typical home outlet) and a smaller footprint.  Most 2 'groups' come in a 220 volt (requiring a special outlet).

3. Anticipated Volume - While it is impossible to know how much espresso you expect to sell, it is recommedned that you seriously consider how much you will require of the machine you intend to invest in.  Do you expect to sell 10-50 shots a day?  We recommend a 1 'group'.  50-150? a 1 'group' might be sufficient  150-? We recommend a 2 'group'.  

4. Steam Wands - The next important item to consider is if you will need 1 steam wand or 2?  While pulling quality espresso shots is important, here in the US, people love their latte's. Latte's require steam wands.  We recomend that you follow the already mentioned guide.  Do you expect to sell 10-50 Lattes a day? We recommend a 1 'group'. 50-150? a 1 'group' might be sufficient 150-? We recommend a 2 'group'.Do you expect to sell 10-50 shots? We recommend a 1 'group'. 50-150? a 1 'group' might be sufficient 150-? We recommend a 2 'group'.

5.  Water filtration - We cannot stress enough the importance of properly filtered water for your investment.  Please don't skimp on a good quality filter system and most importantly, test your filtered water frequently. If not you're asking for trouble.  Also consider a system that offers ease of operation and ease of replacing the filters.