Home or Office Machines
Deciding on an espresso machine for your home or office can appear to be a daunting task.  Having been both Coffee House Owners at one time and Master Technicians, we are often asked what we recommend.  Here are some things we recommend you consider:

1. Cost - What is your budget?  If you want a quality machine, recommend a realistic budget. $500 - $1000 will ge a good starting point. $1000-$1500 even better

2. Function - Will I be making 1-5 cups a day or 15-20? Do I want it plumbed so I won't have to fil a tank everyday?  Do I want a seperate grinder?  Do want to just push a button and let the machine do all the work, or do I want to enjoy the Barista experience?

3. Mobility - Will this stay on my counter or do I want to enjoy my espresso and put it away?

4. Water filtration - This is just as important as choosing the right machine.  Believe it or not, the water you put in your machine is like the oil in your car or the blood in our bodies. It needs to be clean and low in Calcium* (note your machine must have some minerals to operate properly)

5. Where and how can I have it serviced?  All machijes need service at some point in time.  Just like your car needs an oil change, new brakes and a tune up.  Your espresso machine and brewing equipment are no different.  So many people invest alot of money in a machine, only to find out that when it needs service, they cannot find a qualified service center.  Check with manuafacturer or a local service provider to see if they service the brand you are interested in purchasing.  In some cases they may even sell that brand and also offer you a warranty.